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 A true Dogo Argentino should exhibit protective instincts when warranted with little to no training. We at Alpha Dogos pride ourselves in keeping and working with our idea of highly capable home/family/personal protection dogs. Please take a moment to look at our YouTube page to see what our Dogos are currently achieving. The Dogo Argentino was primarily created to be a supreme hunting dog that could not only track prey for miles but also maintain the ability to combat and defeat the dangerous game once found.

Unknown to most but their secondary function was in fact to be a top tier natural guardian, the UKC classifies them as members of the "Guardian Dog" group. The Dogo Argentino breed stands out from the rest by offering traits that exceed the standard of the "traditional" protection dog . A few examples would be a hardwired protector instinct, 100lb+ size, explosive power, extreme endurance, high pain threshold, hound like scenting-tracking ability, and the list goes on. With a well bred Dogo he will always be razor sharp and full of true confidence. Alpha Dogos would like to extend an open invitation to anyone doubting any aspect of our Dogo's ability to perform in a protection dog role. 

Alpha Dogos Hoss  was set up in a real life street scenario in YouTubes #1 ranked Dogo Argentino video with over 1,000,000 views and more than 4,000+ likes to showcase that our Dogos are true Natural Guardians.

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United States

             Alpha Dogos Home Protection Invasion Test

In this video Hoss was tested at home when a unknown intruder unexpectedly comes through the front door late at night.  Even when met with some persuasive kicks to the chest by the attacker our Dogo never showed a hint of fear and immediately stopped once given the command.



 The Dogo craves close physical contact with his people, a Dogo never lays at your feet, he lays on your feet. He is a reliable family guardian, interested in all activities and enjoying guests along with his family. Should the Dogo discern a direct threat to any member of his family, he will act to protect that person.--Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez (breed creator)

The quality of Courage is also essential for the Guardian Dog which is the other purpose of the Dogo Argentino. There is a general belief that a guardian dog is that which barks or is capable of biting a stranger´s hand. According to this concept dogs of all races make good guardian dogs. But to my judgement the guardian dog ought to be something more than all that: they must be capable of getting killed while seizing the prey, defending its master´s or its house. It is useless as guardian a dog which attacks an intruder, if at the first blown with a club or the first wound stab releases its catch while it cries; such animal does not present any security to its owner nor deserves, in my opinion, the honor of being called guardian dog.     

-Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez (breed creator)