Tired Dogos after a long night of hunting 8/30/2018

Monster Boar found and caught by Alexia,Shelby and Blade 11/25/2018

Shelby, Furia and Alexia caught two 200lb+ hogs 9/3/2018


 Almost all breeds were created for a purpose, but unfortunately it is easy to see that most have declined to nothing more than a dog bred for chasing ribbons and winning show titles. The Dogo at his core should be a complete hunter, possesing the ability and desire to track and catch his prey. All of our Dogos have been throughly tested and will hunt alone or in a pack. Unfortunately there is a growing trend right now with Dogos being bred out of greed and without ensuring that the Dogos being bred have the qualities needed to be passed down to help ensure that the Dogo remains a supreme hunting dog. The Dogo breed is on the fast track to being a big pretty white dog and nothing more. Here at Alpha Dogos we are dedicated to keeping the Dogo Argentino as the way it was created to be by its creator, Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, as “the best dog among all dogs of prey and more prey among all dogs in the world”

Wild Boar found and caught by Alexia ,Shelby, Furia And Blade Pedria Indo 9/18

3" cutters caught by Alexia and Shelby 11/3/2018

Alexia de La Cocha, AD Shelby and AD Hoss

Hoss and Morocho de La Cocha catching a 250lb+ Boar 4/1/2018

220 lb Boar found and caught 1 on 1 by Hoss 2017

Boar caught by Luna and Shelby 11/10/2018

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