Fearless Hunters and Loyal Guardians

Alpha Dogos

Hoss 11/20/2018


"Premium Working Dogo Argentinos"

Hoss and Luna de La Cocha 11/2018

B.A.E.R. OFA Certificate and Results


Alpha Dogos Hoss is a perfect representation of the Dogo Argentino breed. Hoss comes from an impressive pedigree with bloodlines that include Las Pampas, Los Medanos, and Del Aruen. He has a flawless conformation and a true Dogo temperament, extremely loyal and loving with family and friends. 

Hoss is a hunter to the core with extremely good scenting ability. Either tracking and leading the catch on a nasty boar or a fleeing decoy during man work, he always comes through and gets the job done. He has a well built physique that allows him to work with amazing speed and stamina. His drive is top notch and he is always willing to perform any task 24/7.  He is a agile and athletic, larger than original standard Dogo standing 29" at the withers and weighing in at 118 lbs of lean muscle.

He is fully trained in advanced off leash obedience and is a PROVEN superior hunter and family or personal protection dog. UKC registered, AKC FSS registered. B.A.E.R OFA hearing certificate AD-BR58/15M-Pl.

Alpha Dogos


Ft lauderdale, florida
United States