1/25/2016 10 months  94lbs


Dr. Ulises Nores w Alexia  11/28/2017

Lexie proudly standing over a 200lb+ boar 11/14/2017

Tacuara de La Cocha

     Alexia's Grand Dam


 Alexia was imported from the worlds first Dogo Argentino Kennel located in Cordoba, Argentina named La Cocha. La Cocha is owned and operated by the Dogo Argentino creators family where they breed for function and the original standard set forth by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez. Alexia was the first pick of the litter and was purchased directly from Dr. Ulises Nores, Antonio's Grandson.

   "Lexie" has a great temperament making everyone who meets her fall in love instantly. With traceable proven generations of  "old" blood she is as pure as they come. Her Grand Sire is Morocho and her great Grand Dam is

Yerba Guena Del Litoral a Grand Champion of Argentina and Champion in Italy.

  Structure and conformation is superb complete with thick bones and solid muscle. She also has a very large and correct head with an ideal bite and perfectly aligned teeth. She has a strong drive to hunt and protect her home. At 3 years of age she is 27.5' at the withers and 108 lbs. She had her first litter in 2017 and the pups are turning out great! AKC, UKC and FCA registered and AKC DNA profiled. B.A.E.R OFA hearing certificate


Morocho was known as one of top hunters in Argentina and one of the best puppies ever produced out of La Cocha and probably the most well known Dogo ever. Morocho became a world wide legend as the savior of two girls from a Cougar attack as shown in this video produced by Animal Planet. Sadly Morocho passed in 2013 but leaves behind a great legacy carried on by his offspring.

 Alexia 13 weeks home in sunny South Florida

Lonko was one of La Cochas best cougar hunters and has been utilized by Cordoba local authorities to find and catch nuisance cats. Watch the YouTube video below!

 Rina de La Cocha

              Alexias dam

 Lonko de La Cocha

Alexia's sire

Alexia 11 weeks @ La Cocha in Argentina

Alexia de La Cocha


Canto Del Litoral

Alexia's great x3 Grand Sire

Titles: Champion Argentina

Titles: TR'11 &'13 ARG

Mario Del Litoral

 Alexia's Grand Sire

Morocho de La Cocha

Alexias Grandsire

Ilka de La Cocha

Alexia's Great x3 Grand Dam

Offical FCA Pedigree

B.A.E.R test results

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Yerba Guena Del Litoral

Alexia's Great Grand Dam

Titles: Grand Champion  Argentina

Champion Italy

Rina de La Cocha is a beautiful and strong Dogo, the daughter of Morocho. She has caught large wild Boar one on one and is a great hunter with exceptional drive. 

8/16/2016 109lbs

Luna II de La Cocha

Alexias Grand Dam

12/13/2015  8 months 89 lbs

Nina de La Cocha

Alexia's Great Grand Dam

Alfio Del Litoral

Alexia's Great x2 Grand Sire

Titles: Champion Argentina

Lexus de La Cocha

Alexia's Great Grand Dam

Tango de La Tarascada

Alexia's Great Grand Sire

6 months 74lbs


Alexias Great x2 Grand dam

5/3/2016 14 months 105lbs

Irupe de La Cocha

Alexia's Great x3 Grand Dam

Mayor Del Picadero

Alexia's Great Grand sire

Ana de La Cocha

Alexia's Great x3 Grand Sire

Congo Del Temblor

Alexia's Great x3 Grand Sire

Ft lauderdale, florida
United States


Fearless Hunters and Loyal Guardians

Alpha Dogos

"Premium Working Dogo Argentinos"

Alexia 9/6/2018

Furia de La Cocha

Alexia's Great x3 Grand Dam

Titles: Champion Argentina

V.W.'10 W.