Fearless Hunters and Loyal Guardians

Alpha Dogos

-Dr. Antonio Martinez Nores (breed creator)


Alpha Dogos are proven hunters from boar or puma tested lines. With unmatched scenting and courageous catching abilities they are the ultimate dangerous large game hunting dog.


Ft lauderdale, florida
United States

Alpha Dogos make amazing family members. With steadfast stability and rock solid genetics forefront in our breeding you can rest assured you will receive a loyal and loving companion.


"The Dogo is a consummate hunter, a superb companion, a wise and elegant guardian, he is complete."

"Premium Working Dogo Argentinos"

Toro de La Cocha x

Alexia de La Cocha

Litter confirmed!

Due March '19


 After years of experience of keeping and working the versatile Dogo Argentino we decided to do our part in preserving this unique K9 genetic masterpiece. All of our Dogos come from the most prestigious pedigrees in the world. We accomplished this in part from a relationship formed with the breed creators grandson Dr. Ulises Nores the owner of La Cocha Kennel in Argentina allowing us to work with his Dogos via importing in to the states. Alpha Dogos are registered through either or all UKC, FCA, AKC founding stock registries.

Alpha Dogos are superior natural guardians that will excel as a personal or family protection dog. They possess very sharp instincts and are genetically inclined to protect their family and home with very little to no training needed.